White Down Jacket


down jacket | white | knit & nylon | light | Korea

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White Down jacket

White puffed jacket mixed with knitting at the back, 35% Down fur! Love the side details, very light & comfy! Easy to match with anything in winter, cool & stylish!

Free size
Shoulder: 25"
Chest: 46"
Length: 24"

Delivery 7-14 days

Made in Korea

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FPS ID: 163296510
Payme: link: https://u21996374.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=FBToXsHUEv5CPEkRa5ixyQG4Up9rAqaXPSJRnpYhnWi2NKluXBfcjm-2FA3qlySxRTyyC6_52R6MImtDzVS-2BCHL7cdbMybNYkyaMCo9a5YSESG1Twg8UkdYBoH2QPWgoDvQHITkPtb3QpdnFGCCRzVX10MtRI-2FYEU3ryPI3ZNGYsoH4K-2F1mYo740tonfcTBYiRh23tWprG-2FP1YNjXuKhXxZrN6pgb8pQwcZrBjs-2BZGHs6QFGo6Lq70zJEAuUX3V9XD6jgSCnOvBYfefjCejhWjBOcblEg-3D-3D

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