Celia Wong


JunG39 is an izakaya specializing in deep-fried skewers!  Very authentic, all of the staff are Japanese!

Not a big place, but very cozy, comfortable & clean! Limited seats, so need to book in advance.

Super cute like an ice cream form, this is a beer icing! The beer has lots of choices, I picked mongo favor! Not many places have fruit beer, very girlie drinks!


Japanese beef.

Egg plate, the special sauce is super tasty!



Japan fish ball.


We picked lots of different kinds of deep-fried skewers like prawn, fish, chicken………the prawn is stand out!

Deep-fried tofu, the sauce is amazing!


Deep-fried egg skewers are the best I”ve ever try! But a bit heavy, I can only have half egg!

Deep-fried dragon cool! Tasty and filling.

This is my favorite one!

What a yummy dinner, cheers!!!! Love this place so much, a great place to go on Friday with a group of friends, good vibe!

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