Fairy Mask styling!

Celia “魔衣櫃系列”-發現超美喱士口罩!

最近發現超美喱士口罩,非常吸引!緊貼疫情之下,口罩已經成為生活的一部份!愛美的女士們,出街都要配襯得又靚又潮!這個特別的”Fairy Mask”可以令你成為眾人的焦點!前往這個網站www.pinkcloudaffair.com 輸入我的密碼 “CeliaMagic”可以得到10%折扣! 優惠期有限,快啲去搶購!希望你喜歡這個video,請click Like及留言與我們分享一下你配襯口罩的心得!

Discovered a super sexy “Fairy Mask” recently! Mask became part of our life under Covid! I’m sure you will be stunning  & stand out wearing it! I created 3 looks of this mask, which look is your favourite? Leave comments and share your idea of wearing mask with us! Don’t t forget visit


Use “CeliaMagic” to get 10% off within a limited period of time!

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